14.272 Industrial Organization II

Professor Paul Joskow:   pjoskow@mit.edu
Professor Nancy Rose:  nrose@mit.edu
Teaching Assistant Andrew Sweeting:  atsweet@mit.edu

Industrial Organization II deals with the economics of regulation and antitrust. Problem sets, class handouts, and data sets will be made available on this page as the semester progresses.


Recitation time Friday 12 - 1, in E51-063

Andrew's office hours: M or W, by appt in E52-262g


Hazard/Duration Models
Government v. Private Ownership
The Politcal Economy of Regulation
Merger Theory and Evidence
US Antitrust Policy Framework
Emperical Evidence on Mergers
Table 4.2, 4.7, 4.3
Merger Simulations in Differentiated Product Markets

Brookings Papers (read articles by Hausman and Joskow)

Problem Sets

Problem Set #1 (Mergers)

Problem Set #4 (Laffont and Tirole)

Problem Set #5 (Access Pricing)

Problem Set Solutions

Recitation Handout 1 : Mergers with Strategic Complements and Strategic Substitutes

Problem Set 1 Solutions

Stata log for PS1 (Word)

Recitation Handout 2: Demand Estimation : Overview

Problem Set 2 Solutions

Problem Set 3 Solutions

Useful Links:

View the ASCII file msprice.dat.The stata file msdata.dta can be downloaded as well.


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