16.459 Humans & Automation Seminar- Spring 02

In this weekly spring seminar series, students will present and discuss topics relating to the subject of human interaction with automation and technology, contributing to development of both the student's scientific research process as well as knowledge in the field. Each week, at least 2 insightful (and possibly conflicting) papers on current research will be presented by a student as representative of that week's chosen topic, concluding with a group discussion on the topic. Background on the topic and the papers will be presented at the previous week's meeting. Click here for topics.


Date of Background Information
Date of Paper Presentation
Papers to present
Cognitive Task Analysis
Hayley Davison
Cognitive Models of Users
Miwa Hayashi
Complexity & Mental Models
Jonathan Histon

Papers reviewed and supporting references

Team Performance & Training
Maura Lohrenz
Issues with high levels of automation (trust, complacency)
Michelle Yeh
Designing systems for Special Groups
Annie Frazer

Papers reviewed and supporting references

Berengere Houdou


Papers reviewed and supporting references

Behavior in Extreme Environments
Nate Newby
Virtual Reality
Jessica Marquez
Aviation Training and Selection
Kevin Duda

Papers reviewed

Human Factors of Medicine
Erika Brown
The Effects of Warnings on Behavior and Performance in the Driving Task
Masha Maltz
Exposing the Myths and Realities of Web-Based Learning Tools
Margaret-Anne Storey
"Human" Factors
Bradley Pitts