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The assembly review is an important step on the way to success in your technical review.

The goal of the assembly milestone is to help your team develop a clear, detailed, and shared view of your overall product and its architecture. The lack of a good assembly model very often leads to many errors and a high degree of stress as the technical review approaches. However, even when the team is working on the assembly model, it is critical to continue exploring design options and performing physical tests for high risk aspects of the design.

The in-class review is intended to provide design feedback. Examples from prior years are on the right. You can also view assemblies from other years in the gallery (select a project and then the assembly tab). If you compare the assembly model to the technical review or final presentation gallery entry, you can see how dramatic changes may be based upon input from the assembly review. There is also an annotated example of an assembly review presentation and Q&A.

Key elements
There are two primary deliverables for this review.

  • an assembly/product architecture model for your team's design. Please include technical design variations and a number of renderings depicting product vision variants. You may also include user interaction storyboards, electronics design/schematics, product testing plans, physical tests to validate design details, or other digital materials that help to define the product. Everyone should be accountable for some aspect of this deliverable that helps define your design. Include a list of who-modeled-what and who-designed-what. There is an significant piece for everyone to work on and everyone should contribute in some way. You may also work in pairs.
  • A product contract document.

Please see the submission logistics for specifics.

The product contract will be used as a baseline to evaluate the performance of your prototype during the technical review.

There are two deadlines. The date for the electronic submission of your materials, and the in-class presentations.

The review contributes to a portion of your shared team-wide grade and all course instructors will participate in the evaluation during an in-class review. Your assembly grade will be the average of the scores assigned by the reviewers.

The electronic assembly model will be evaluated based upon completeness and quality of design details. Each team member will need to model at least one part of the assembly or other aspects as described in the key elements section!

The product contract will be evaluated based upon relevance and correctness of needs, attributes, and specifications.

Logistics and schedule
material submission logistics, presentation logistics

Material submission logistics
The assignment will be electronically submitted on the due date specified in the course schedule, prior to the in-class reviews.

Required items: descriptive .jpg or .png images that show complete assemblies from an informative viewpoint and product vision images; all of your native CAD files; a list of who modeled the different parts in the assembly (each team member must model at least one part); and a pdf version of your product contract. Also, when informative, include images of other materials documenting the design, as listed in the key elements discussion. The image of your team's assembly and your product contract will be made available on the course web site. Please limit the number of images to a maximum of 10 (in not needed, fewer is just fine).

Please follow the instructions below carefully:

i. Designate a team member to submit the materials.

ii. Prepare the files to be submitted using the naming convention below for your files
(o.k. if file extension/format is different from example):
   assembly.png for assembly image (number files if there is more than one; other image formats o.k.)
   contract.pdf for product contract (other document formats o.k.)
   who_did_what.txt for list of parts and who modeled them (other document formats o.k.)
   CADfiles.zip for zip file containing all the CAD files (other archive formats o.k.)
For additional files, please use descriptive names.

iii. Use the 2.009 file uploader tool to upload your assembly review materials. Use your username and password that you use for notebook and timesheet submissions.

iv. Check that your upload was successful by downloading the files from your team's upload directory linked from the 2.009 file uploader tool.


Presentation logistics
You will use your own computers for the presentation, so please bring video adapters as needed. 10-250 has both VGA and HDMI connections. Also, 10-250 is reserved so that you may test on Tuesday 7-9 PM or Friday from 8-9 AM.

Each team will have a maximum of 10 minutes to present relevant aspects of their product contract and product assembly in class, using materials from the assembly/product contract assignment. If your actual design changes after the electronic submission, please present your most current materials.

The team should focus on explaining their design to obtain feedback and suggestions from the rest of the class. Please expect the review to be interactive.

Four teams will be reviewed on the first day of the presentations and four teams will present on the second day of reviews.