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Product Contract Example

A product contract or design specification is a document that defines the product design task and measures by which success of the design will be judged. The contract defines expectations for the alpha prototype. A simple partial example of a product contract is provided below. There are also examples in the course textbook.
Product Description: Portable electric device for lifting automobiles.
Intended Customers: Backyard mechanics.
Market: Automotive accessories.
Customer Need Product Attribute(s) Engineering Specification(s)
Can be easily transported in and out of a house. Weight Total weight less than30 lbs.
Is easily stored in the home and office. Size Less than 14" x 14" x 14" in smallest configuration.
Can handle most repair situations. Lifting capability more than 15 cycles at 1" per second per charge for a 3000 lb. automobile.
Can be used on many uneven surfaces. Stability 3000 lb vehicle raised 16 inches will not tip under 400 lb side loading.
Base self-levels up to 1 inch discontinuities and 2% slopes in pavement.