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Final Presentation Practice Sessions

The final presentation practice session significantly improves the chance that your final presentation is coherent, polished, free of technical problems, and within time limits. More often than not, teams that have problems in the final preparation did not prepare and test their presentations in advance.

In general, we hope that the practice session will help you recognize the importance of knowing your presentation venue, testing AV equipment and demos in advance, and practicing the coordination of presenters and presentation media.

You should be prepared to give a presentation that is as-close-as-possible to your actual final presentation during the practice sessions. Instructors and communications program staff will be present to provide feedback on your presentation. The actual presenters must participate in the run-through!

Schedule and logistics
The final presentation practice sessions will be held during the day on the date indicated in the course schedule. The practice sessions will be held between 4:30-9:30 PM, room 3-370.

Each team has 30 minutes to present and receive feedback. The room is equipped with an LCD projector and a confidence monitor. We will also provide a slide remote. Please have your actual presenters attend, not stand-ins.

Schedule a time slot for your team. Use your notebook submission login to access the scheduler.