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Mockup Review

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The review takes place during the evening on the date indicated in the class schedule.

The goal of the review is to inform classmates and instructors about the key challenges related to your section's two leading design concepts, and how these challenges will be resolved. The overall goal is to develop your concepts to a level that your team can confidently select their best product opportunity following the mockup review.

If there are open issues this is a good opportunity to obtain input and suggestions before fully committing to detailed development.

You will use feedback from this review to decide which final concept will be pursued by your team for the technical review. The experience will also help you learn how to present technical challenges and solutions in a design review.

Examples of functional and visual mockups are on the right. You can also view mockups from other years in the gallery (select a project and then click on the mockups link). The communication instructors have also prepared guidelines for effective mockup presentations.

Video of your presentations will be made available on the course web site.

Key review elements
The review is comprised of two components: a short, structured presentation to the entire class (slides only), and a less-structured question-and-answer session in the Pappalardo lab (working with the mockups). The presentation should focus on issues that are both potentially high-risk and critical to the concepts.

Each section will present technical or visual mockups and drawings of their two concepts, focusing on illustrating the overall concepts, technical feasibility/operational principles of critical systems, preliminary product contracts, and user/product interaction (additional information is in the review logistics).

The mockup review contributes to a portion of your section-wide grade. All course instructors will participate in the review process but your lab instructors determine your grade.

Key grading criteria are:

  • thoughtfulness about, and clarity of, the design concept
  • identification and resolution of critical issues/risks
  • execution of mockups/models/simulations

After you have received written feedback via email from instructors, complete your milestone reflection in your design notebook.

Presentation logistics
before the review, review details, after the review

Before the review
All presentations will be pre-loaded onto a single presentation computer. A representative of each section must show up in the Pappalardo lab at a scheduled time between 2:40 and 5:00 to load your section's presentation onto the presentation computer, and to check that media are working correctly (a scheduling tool will be available the week of the presentation). You will not be able to make changes to your slides after this time.

You may use either powerpoint, keynote, or pdf files for your presentations. If you are using powerpoint be sure that linked videos are exported as a package to the presentation computer. Keynote embeds all media files automatically and tends to be more robust playing videos. Please do not use Google slides.

Work in the Pappalardo will stop at the usual 4:45 PM, but you will be able to have access to pickup materials until 6:45 PM.

Presenters should test AV in the presentation room (room 34-101) between 6:30 and 7:00. It is important that the actual presenters check the materials in the room. Please ensure that all AV testing is finished by 7:00.

Make sure that your team area in Pappalardo lab is clean and your mockups are ready for demonstration and testing. Your will also be asked to plan a two minute video demonstration/explanation using your mockups.

Review details
The mockup review will start at 7:15 PM sharp and finish by ~10:00 PM on the date indicated in the course schedule.

During the first portion of the review, each section will have 4 minutes for their two concepts to present critical questions and findings. Be sure to include a preliminary product contract with key needs, product attributes, and specifications. A computer projector, an overhead projector, and a document camera will be available in the presentation room (34-101). Physical models will not be part of this structured presentation, and there will be no questions after each presentation. One minute will be allowed between presentations for microphone setup.

All students should plan on attending the first portion of the presentations since seeing what the other sections are working on is an important part of the learning experience.

After the formal presentations are complete, faculty will promptly move to the Pappalardo lab to experiment with your physical mockups and ask questions. Ten minutes will be allowed for the transition to the Pappalardo lab.

Instructors are divided into 8 small groups and assigned to different sections. Every 10 minutes the instructors will switch to a different section according to a rotation schedule. The rotation will be structured to that you will have 10 minutes on, then 10 minutes off. In total, you will have three 8 minute question and answer sessions. Photographs and video of your mockups will be taken during one of your breaks.

All students in your section do not need to participate in the Pappalardo lab portion of the review. There needs to be people to demonstrate and discuss the mockups, and at least one person to record notes during the feedback session. The notes should be distributed to your team.

Additional review details, including the presentation order and review rotation schedule in the Pappalardo lab, will be posted on the weekend before the review.

After the review
Preliminary feedback will be provided in class on Friday and you will receive written comments by email over the weekend. Presentation videos and slides will be put on the results page so that instructors can provide more feedback than is possible during the short question period during the presentations. Three or more instructors will be assigned to provide additional feedback for your section. After you have received written feedback via email from instructors, complete your milestone reflection in your design notebook.

You may also arrange to view the presentation video with your team communication instructors for additional feedback about your presentation style.

See results of mockup review.