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Observation Exercise

This exercise will help you practice your customer observation skills and also help you to develop a broader range of ideas for the project. Simply watching potential customer behaviors (unobtrusively) and talking to people is an excellent way to identify product opportunities. Any time that you are out and about is an opportunity to observe!

This exercise is scheduled to help your 2.009 project idea generation in the second week of lab.

There is also an optional, special tutorial on Friday, September 13 at 5 PM in 3-333 to help you develop skills for observing and learning from potential users. An enthnography primer might also be of help.

One member of your lab section should complete the web form below and submit it for your entire section. After picking your section in the combination box, assign each section member to one venue to go and observe. Since there are more options than section members, all places will not be assigned. After all section members have been assigned, submit the form. Your section and the course instructor will receive an email with the venue assignments.

Details of how to complete your observation task are with the observation submission instructions.

Location options include:
an airport
an auto mechanics shop
a beach
a busy intersection
a community center
a commercial or community kitchen
a construction site
a concert or festival
an emergency room or urgent care clinic
a fire station
a grocery or hardware store
a gym
a hiking trail
an ice cream or candy store
a laundromat
a park
a post office
a protest
a retirement home
a shelter, food pantry or soup kitchen
a sporting event
a subway station
a workshop or art studio
a zoo or aquarium
Lab section:


Section member
select section first

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(Note: You will be redirected to the course home page after submission is complete.)