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Peer Review

The peer review contributes to a significant portion of your individual grade.

Performance reviews are commonplace in industry. Here, the goal of having anonymous reviews is to provide direct, peer feedback on your performance and contributions. This will help you improve over the course of the term. Additionally, we hope that during the review process you will also reflect upon your own contributions and thus gain experience in critically assessing your own efforts.

Peer reviews are conducted using online forms, and four peer reviews are scheduled throughout the term.

The first peer review is early in the term to provide initial feedback on performance within your section. The results of this survey are provided to students only. Instructors will not see the results.
The second peer review is roughly 1/2 way through the term (after the mockup review) and is also intended to provide feedback to section members. The results of the survey are provided to both students and instructors, but they are not used for grading. Information is provided to instructors in the event that there are problems that may need assistance to be resolved.
The third peer review is approximately 3/4 through the term and 1/2 way through the final prototyping stage. This review provides feedback from the entire team, not just your section. Again, instructors will also receive the information but it will not be used for grading.
The 4th peer review is completed after the final presentation. This review is used for grading purposes, and to provide your team-members feedback.
Before completing an online review, you will need to read the detailed peer review instructions.