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Sketch Model Review

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The sketch model review is a more formal presentation to the entire class. It takes place during the evening on the date indicated in the class schedule.

The presentation contributes to a portion of your shared section-wide grade, and all course instructors will participate in the review process. Each lab section (two sections per team) gives a separate presentation. The goal of the presentation is to inform classmates and instructors about concepts that your section is thinking of, and to obtain helpful design feedback early in the process.

You will use feedback from this review to decide which two concepts will be pursued in more detail for the mockup review. The exercise will also help you practice how to present concepts in a formal setting. The word 'concept' is used to imply that we are no longer just proposing big-picture ideas, but we are beginning to flesh out and explore how the ideas might be implemented.

Before working on your sketch models, you may want to review the "what to sketch model" primer, the sketch modeling tutorials on the course website, and on designy (cardboard and foamcore, polystyrene foam).

A video of your presentations will be made available on the course website.

Key presentation elements:
Each section will show well-prepared sketches and/or simple CAD models, along with sketch models for three design concept alternatives. The concepts may be three different product ideas within your team's sub-theme, or they could be very different ways of embodying the same concept. Your direction depends on how confident and informed about a particular direction your section feels.

Relevant technical, market, customer needs, and benchmarking data must also be provided. Some examples of sketches and sketch models are provided on the right. You can view sketch models from other years in the gallery. There is also video tutorial prepared by communication instructors for presenting at the review.

Be sure to also check the detailed setup logistics for the presentation.

Key grading criteria are:

  • the ideas (thoughtfulness, clarity, and quality of the design alternatives/design exploration)
  • the models (appropriateness of the sketches, sketch models, CAD models, simulations)
  • research (the relevance and quality of technical, market/benchmarking, and customer needs data).

Instructors will attend the review and meet immediately following the review to discuss each section's work and rank order the presentations. Your section instructor will determine your grade.

After you have received written feedback via email from instructors, complete your milestone reflection in your design notebook.

before the review, review details, after the review

Before the review:
A computer projector and a document camera will be available in the presentation room (34-101). If you choose to use the document camera, you will need to toggle between the document camera and slides (both can't be shown at the same time in this room, but toggling the displays is fairly quick). If other AV equipment is needed by your section please let the course instructor know by 5 PM Tuesday.

All presentations will be pre-loaded onto a single presentation computer. A representative of each section must load and test your section's presentation onto the 2.009 presentation computer between 2:30 and 5:30 PM, and check that media are working correctly. Each section should have the materials for all three concepts in a single file. Please schedule your section's upload time slot and a TA will be in the 2.009 computer area to meet you. You will not be able to make changes to your slides after this time. You may use either powerpoint, keynote, or pdf files for your presentations. Please do not use Google slides!

Work in the Pappalardo will stop at the usual 4:45 PM, but you will be able to have access to pickup materials until 6:30 PM. Starting at 5:30 PM, there will be Pizza in the lab.

All presenters should test their slides in the presentation room (34-101) between 6:30 and 7:00. It is important that the actual presenters check the materials in the room.

Sketch models/presentation props should be in the hall outside of 34-101 prior to 7:00 PM.

Green A   ~7:20-7:28  

Review details:
The sketch model review will start at 7:15 PM sharp and finish before 10:00 PM on the date indicated in the course schedule. All students should plan on attending, since seeing what the other sections are working on is an important part of the learning experience. The presentations will also be video taped for the online feedback forms.

The presentation order is shown on the left. The estimated presentation times are for your convenience. They are approximate! The expectation is that you will attend all presentations. Please do not just show up for your team's presentation and then leave. Also, please do not use laptops or phones during other team's presentations.

Your entire section (three sketch models together) will have 6 minutes for your presentation followed by 2 minutes of questions. As mentioned in the before the review section, your section must merge material for the three concepts into a single presentation file.

Time limits will be adhered to strictly.

The transition between sections will take place during the 2 minute question and answer period at the end of each presentation. The section answering questions should have members help to remove models and props while the next presenters bring materials into the room and setup AV materials.

Green B   ~7:28-7:36
Yellow A   ~7:36-7:44
Yellow B   ~7:44-7:52
Blue A   ~7:52-8:00
Blue B   ~8:00-8:08
Orange A   ~8:08-8:16
Orange B   ~8:16-8:24
Red A   ~8:24-8:32
Red B   ~8:32-8:40
Pink A   ~8:40-8:48
Pink B   ~8:48-8:56
Purple A   ~8:56-9:04
Purple B   ~9:04-9:12
Silver A   ~9:12-9:20
Silver B   ~9:20-9:28


After the review
Please return your section's sketch models to the Pappalardo lab immediately following the review.

Preliminary feedback will be provided in class on Friday and then you will receive written comments by email over the weekend via the online review forms (no later than noon Tuesday). The comments will also be compiled onto a single web page for convenient viewing. At least four instructors from other teams will provide additional feedback for your section. Once you have received the written feedback from instructors, please complete your milestone reflection in your design notebook.

Presentation videos and slides will be posted on the results page.

See results from the sketch model review.