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Final Presentation

Final Presentation Upload Schedule

Use the scheduling tool to set or reschedule your final presentation upload time. Login using your notebook user name and password.

Meet the 2.009 TAs in the 2.009 computer area in the Pappalardo Lab.

Please be sure to not be late and to bring your presentation on removeable media (e.g., on a USB drive) or know how to download it from the Internet (e.g., Dropbox).

A team member that is familiar with the details of the presentation should be present so that he/she can make sure that everything is working correctly.

Please arrive exactly on time because we must have all presentations by 1:00PM. After 1:00, the slides will be handed off to the coordinator in Kresge for loading onto the final presentation computer prior to the 2-4:35PM practice window in the auditorium. Also, please know your practice time in Kresge.

This is the final upload, so you need to have the final version of your presentation ready for your reservation.