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3-Ideas Presentation: Plotter Schedule

The current schedule for the plotter is below.

Help will be on hand during these hours, both to work with the plotter and to help with mounting. We can also help with design feedback in you contact us prior to Sunday. There isn't time to redesign during the plotting schedule.

Use the plotter scheduling tool to add your section to the schedule, or change your section's time.

  • use your Athena username to login. The first time you login choose the reset/change password option
  • you cannot change your section's reservation time after the start time of the reservation

Please come promptly at the time you requested, with your files ready on a memory stick and your document page size set to the size of the poster (24x36). PDF files are the easiest to manage. It would be good if you know how to log into the 2.009 computers as well. We will also collect digital copies of your posters when they are plotted.

The plotters are also available 8:30-5 during any weekday, and Monday morning before the presentation. We don't have reservation slots Monday morning—plotting last minute is risky and course staff will be busy setting up for the review so help will be limited.