3 Ideas
Sketch Model Review
Mockup Model Review
Assembly Review
Tech Review
Final Presentation


Some components of your grade are individual, some are common to your team section, and others are shared by your entire team. The project workflow illustrates how and when a team's sections combine to make a team. In order to receive section and team-wide grade components, an individual must actively contribute to the milestone.

Deliverable % Course Grade Assigned To ...
Brainstorming 5 Individual
Design notebook 10 Individual
Peer review 10 Individual
Instructor leverage 5 Individual
3-Ideas review 5 Section
Sketch model review 15 Section
Mockup review 15 Section
Assembly model 5 Team
Technical review 20 Team
Final presentation 10 Team

Individual lab instructors assign grades to students in their lab section. All instructors work in close communication with each other—results after each milestone are discussed to ensure that grading is equitable between sections within a team, and between teams.

Additionally, teams will obtain design feedback from several other course staff after each major project milestones. Also, after each milestone, this collective feedback is discussed in lecture since the primary purpose of reviews is to help improve the projects and to facilitate a discussion of what approaches worked well and what can be improved upon.