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2.009 Halloween pumpkins


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2020: Kindness: Pumpkindtopia (video)  
2019: IGNITE: our inner fire ( It's a MECHE life and cut-for-cut comparison)  
2018: danger, dinner (do-ray-ween
and the cut-by-cut comparison)
2017: super, unmasked (see the video!)  
2016: shovel'n it (see the video!)  
2015: the escape artist  
2014: my culinary Adventure  
2013: Eat well!  
2012: re:Assembly Required  
2011: Gnarley kin    
2010: Hannibal  
2009: the lobotomist  


2008: McBama  
2007: reduce, reuse, recycle  
2007a 2007b
2006: skeledog  
2006a 2006b
2005: Wallace & Gromit  
2005a 2005b 2005c
2004: poodlekin  
2004a 2004b