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Lab #6: Week of October 14

objective, preparation, what's due, activities

Main Lab Objective

Your section should focus on preparing for the upcoming mockup review, which is on Thursday evening. Your section should be resolving the most critical risks associated with the two concepts you selected last week. The goal is to have enough information to knowledgeably and confidently make your final product selection after the mockup review.

Teams that have meetings in the later part of the week should be further along in their preparations prior to lab time than teams that meet during the beginning of the week. Also, teams that meet on Tuesday will have their physical notebooks reviewed this week (due to the extended Columbus day break last week).

Important note: Columbus day holiday is both Monday and Tuesday. The teams with lab on Tuesday will need to work with their instructor to develop a lab makeup plan for this week. If a team decides to meet on Tuesday at their regular time, lab instructors and staff will be available.

Advanced preparation for Lab #6
Make sure that you understand the requirements for the mockup review and logistics for the presentation.

Be prepared to give a status report on the items you are responsible for at the start of lab.

For your section:
Make sure that your task forces are organized to prepare the different types of materials that are needed to address the critical questions related to your concepts.

For your team:
System integrators should prepare an agenda for the lab. Plan to have a meeting that allows a significant amount of time for working on tasks.

If you think that you will need AV equipment set this up in advance as well.

What's due
There are no formal deliverables in lab this week.

Recommended Lab #6 Activities
This lab should be focused on running a very efficient, short meeting so that there is time left to work on remaining tasks.

Close the meeting room divider so that the two sections can work separately.

As individual sections
Begin with the standard meeting startup.

Each task force should give a brief status report to the section, indicating what you have completed, what needs to be done, open issues that are of concern, and whether the assigned tasks are on-schedule. Using work-in-progress as props can facilitate this process.

Based on the reports, decide if resources need to be reallocated to different tasks or if new task forces need to be created.

Your team communication requirements mentors will be available in lab for presentation consultation.


Important notes: Once the mockup review is over, it is expected that your team will wait until the next lab meeting before making your final concept selection. You might want to review the decision process suggestions for lab next week.

The second peer review will be held at the end of the week.