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Lab #8: Week of October 28:

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Main Lab Objective

The main goal of this week's lab is to make sure that a single, clear vision for the product is taking shape, and to ensure that things are coming together for the assembly and product contract presentations on Wednesday and Friday this week. If you happen to have lab after your presentation, your focus should be on further refining the product after receiving assembly review feedback and then moving on to the technical review. Written assembly review feedback will be received the same day that your team presents in class. For teams meeting on Wednesday afternoon, you will receive written feedback about 1 hour into lab.

The assembly materials need to be submitted by 11 PM Tuesday (red, green, blue, and yellow teams) or 11 PM Thursday (pink, orange, purple, and silver teams). This material is posted online for review in advance of the in-class presentations. However, you should continue to refine your design up until your in-class presentation—if you have updated materials you may resubmit them up until the time of your in-class presentation..

Even though you will be concentrating on the overall architecture design and assembly, you will also still need to be doing mockups, tests and experiments at the same to time validate design details or resolve outstanding risks.

The technical review is coming fast (November 14), so critical parts should be ordered ASAP to ensure that they are received on-time. When organizing critical parts it is always a good idea to have a spare on-hand.

Advanced preparation for Lab #8
Your task force should prepare a short, well organized, status report for the tasks that you have been working on.

As a team:
Financial officers should prepare a budget status report for the team.

Options for product configuration and overall form should be prepared for discussion. If the models are in an electronic format, there should be a full scale plotted version that can be pinned up to support the discussion and editing during your lab meeting.

System integrators from both sections should meet to form an agenda and update the project schedule (Gantt Chart), covering tasks through to the technical review (see the scheduling lecture from last week).

What's due
The assembly review materials are due 11 PM Tuesday (red, green, blue, and yellow teams) or 11 PM Thursday (pink, orange, purple and silver). You should continue to refine your design up until your in-class presentation.

Your team will be presenting during class either Wednesday or Friday depending upon your submission day (above). Be sure to present your most current design versions.

The room 10-250 is reserved for you to test your AV setup before your in-class presentation, either Tuesday 7-9 PM or Friday 8-9 AM.

Recommended Lab #8 Activities
Begin with the standard meeting startup.

Financial officers should give a short budget update to the team.

System integrators should present an updated project schedule through to the technical review. Input should be obtained from section instructors and team members.

Review the current status of the design. This should include reports from different task forces. Review your product contract to ensure that all are on the same page.

Discuss the overall product configuration, use storyboards, and form options using the materials prepared before lab. Consider changes as appropriate and make sure that there is consensus about the direction of the product.

Spend as much of the lab time as is possible working. Time is short. Remember that lead times on ordered parts can be substantial. Some task forces might be working on specific mockups or tests while others work out details of the product assembly and architecture.

Lab instructors and mentors may want to meet individually with each task force to review progress and help with design issues.

On Monday of this week, at 7 PM, there is a product naming tutorial that will be quite helpful for your final product. The user feedback tutorial is also on Monday.