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Instructions for Dimension 3D Printer

Dimension uPrint 3D Printer 

The uPrint prints at a much lower resolution (0.01 inch) than the objet using an ABS-based material, making this printer best for structural parts that need to withstand bending stress or shock loads. To print a part using this printer, follow the job submission instructions.

The downside to the uPrint printer is that the resolution is low and may not be appropriate for parts that need to have a finished surface for aesthetic or usability purposes. It also does not sand or paint easily.

Industry Resources
About the uPrint
ABSPlus Material Properties

Cost to print is $4.67 per cubic inch of material (model + support)

Lead time:
Printing will be done on a first-come first-serve basis
Expect a lead time of at least 3 days. This may vary depending on availability and if issues arise.

Part Limitations
Must fit within the net build size: 8 in x 6 in x 6 in (width, length, height)

Price and Time Estimations
Material costs are incurred not only from the part volume, but also from the support material. A general volume estimation including the volume of concave cavities should give you an approximate estimate.

Examples of parts
Notice the effect of price and time on the complexity of the part. Although the part itself may not be large, cavities, thin features, or complex cuts require support material which significantly adds to the time and cost.


Dimensions (w x l x h)

Model/ Support material (cu. in.) Print Time Our Cost Industry Cost (RedEye)**
1 x 1 x 1 0.81 / .05 34m $4.01 $77.00
3.6 x 1.7 x 1.2 0.59 / 0.71 1h 25m $6.07 $98.00
9.8 x 4.4 x 1.3 13.8 / 10.4 34h 30m * $113.57 $698.00

* RedEye does not offer ABSPlus. Quotes are for printing using ABS.
** Both halves of this frog do not fit in the printer bed. To print this frog, two separate 17.5 hour prints must be run.