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Provisional Patent Application Resources


Online resources
The guide to patents and provisional patent applications on About.com is fairly complete and should be read through carefully (including clicking on all the related links) before starting to write your own provisional patent.

The following two books are strongly recommended reading:

A good provisional patent will look just like a regular, non-provisional patent, except the "claims" section is not required for provisional patents (and is generally not recommended for do-it-yourself applications). So, instead of looking for examples of provisional patents as models, one should study actual, issued patents. A list of patents which are generally clear and easy-to-understand are available from the PatentWizard software (see below).

Templates are useful for seeing how the different parts required for a provisional patent application go together.

Other resources
The Inventors Association of New England meets at MIT on a monthly basis.

This information is provided for personal, non-commercial, educational, and informational purposes only, and is not legal advice. Please consult a registered patent agent or patent attorney for legal advice.