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Selected Vendors and Other Resources

Bell's Powder Coating: Place that does powder coating, quickly. Phone 508 431-2212 or 508 643-2222.

Boulter plywood: Specialty plywoods in Cambridge. Phone 888 958-6237

3-axis CNC machining, 1-2 day turnaround

Rapid prototyping, including elastomeric parts

New media center: MIT facility where you can edit movies.

McMaster-Carr: Company that sells a multitude of materials, fasteners, fittings, measurement tools, etc. Just about anything.

MSC Industrial Supply Co.: Another company that sells just about any mechanical/electrical device or material you could want.

Fabric on demand or Spoon flower: Small run, custom printed fabric.

Digi-Key Corporation: Electronic components, supplies, test equipment, and accessories.

American Science and Surplus: Motors, pumps, switches, optics, batteries and power and a lot of other stuff.

Home Depot: Home repair supplies, electrical basics, lumber, fasteners. Home depot is your friend.

Freeman Supply: Polyurethane foam supplier.

Freeman Inc: Local vendor to buy sheet plastic for thermoforming.

Misumi: a supplier with a wide variety of machine elements

Printed circuit board services.

River street metal finishing, inc.: local company for anodizing aluminum

Surplus Motors and Actuators: motors and actuators cheap!

Silicone and urethane molding: questions? Eli at boston@reynoldsam.com, 800-481-9246