Precision Product Design

Students learn deterministic design, selection, and assembly of machine elements to create and manufacture robust precision machines, instruments, and systems. The overall approach is to apply the design principles of Functional Requirements, Ergonomics & Environment, Design Parameters, Analysis, References, Risks, Countermeasures (FREEDPARRC pronounced “freed park”) catalyzed with a Peer Review Evaluation Process (PREP) to create robust mechanical devices. Topics include FUNdaMENTAL precision machine design principles, error apportionment & error budgeting, machine elements, mechanical connections & interfaces, power transmission, structures, selection of manufacturing methods and materials, and metrology. Each topic is covered with respect to its principles of operation, mechanics and performance, with real-world examples from the many products Prof. Slocum has helped to commercialize from the world of MEMS to medical devices, to manufacturing equipment and hydrocarbon and renewable energy harvesting related machines.

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