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After considering feedback on your user experience design, your team needs to decide which overall room theme it will pursue. Please consider the feedback you received, (especially from 5wits) about your different themes. Then, you want to identify your team's N most promising games, gags, or effects from your collective set of storyboards (where N is your number of team members). Again, please consider your critique feedback in the decision process. You may be able to adapt/re-purpose elements from storyboards that were proposed for different room themes. The goal is to pick your N strongest options, which is not necessarily the same thing as choosing one of each team member's original storyboards.

Now, the goal is to further develop your interactive experiences options and to practice the type of 2-point perspective sketching that is typically used in product concept ideation.

Your work should be coordinated with your team to move the project forward, but your sketches will be graded individually.

To start
Once you have made the decisions described above, assign each team member to one of the N games, gags, or effects. Then, each team member should create a new, high-level, experience storyboard for the team's chosen theme and their specific game/gag/effect. This is similar in scope to one of the storyboards from the first project deliverable. Each team member will submit their new storyboard with their concept sketches.

Each team member shall individually propose three conceptual designs or variations for their chosen game/gag/effect. These concept sketches should be more detailed, advancing the design over what might see in a storyboard. You might choose to develop concepts for 3 different elements or props in your storyboard experience (say a hidden door, spying picture, or suit of armor for a medieval themed room), or three very different variations for the design of a single element in your team's storyboard (e.g., three different interpretations/implementations for a specific game).

You many want to look examples of some concept sketches from previous years of 2.744 (example a, example b, example c, example d).

bottom sketch:
Scott Stropkay, Essential design

Generate numerous loose ideation sketches of different alternatives for the three concepts that you have decided to work on, as described in the to-start section above. Try to use the marker sketching techniques taught in class. Focus mostly on black and white sketching with some limited tone.

While working on your concepts, be sure to keep user experience, human factors, possible implementation paths, and client requirements in mind. Try to be innovative.

Each team member is expected to submit 3 concept sketches—your preferred embodiment direction for each of your three variations and a new storyboard that incorporates your concept. Each team member should work on their own ideas individually but you are encouraged to use team members as sounding boards while doing your work.

Prepare your submission
Prepare your concept sketches in a web page or series of web pages.

See the submission instructions for how to structure your web pages and where to submit your assignment.

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