Symbol Design Exercise
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Semantics. Syntax. Usability.

Design a generic symbol for "autonomous vehicle".

You have a total of 40 minutes for the exercise. At the end of the 40 minutes we will pin up the class's work and discuss the results.

Your symbol must be produced on the provided 8.5x11 stock.

Assume that it will be viewed from a distance of at least 35 feet.

Lighting conditions may vary widely.

The expected user group is culturally and linguistically diverse.

Do not put your name on the front of the symbol (write it on the back). Please also include your Athena user name on the back.

Process suggestions
If you are not familiar with the markers, spend a few minutes at the start playing with them.

I suggest that you spend 10-15 minutes generating high-level concepts on sketch paper.

Then, spend roughly 10 minutes refining design details for your top conceptual direction. You may want to do some experiments during this period.

Finally, spend 15-20 minutes producing your best idea on the provided stock. You will receive only 1 piece of the presentation paper stock.

When you are finished, place your adhesive dots on the top two corners, remove the backing, and bring your symbol to the instructor or TA at the front of the class.

Check out the results from the exercise!