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What flowers mean
What does the Color of the Rose Represent?
How to Buy Corsages/ Boutonnieres
How to Pin a Boutonniere
What to do if you get an ugly corsage

What flowers mean

  • Rose - Love
  • Orchids - Beauty
  • White Daisies - Innocence
  • Lilies - Purity
  • Gardenias - Joy
  • Lily of the Valley - Happiness

What does the Color of the Rose Represent?

  • Red - Love, beauty, courage and respect, romantic love, I Love You, sincere love, respect, courage & passion
  • Red (Dark) - Unconscious beauty
  • White - Purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence, youthfulness, innocence, heavenly and charm
  • Pink - grace, perfect happiness, and admiration, happiness, gracefulness, gentleness
  • Dark Pink - Appreciation, gratitude, thank you
  • Light Pink - Admiration, sympathy, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness
  • Yellow - Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning, welcome back, "I care"
  • Yellow with Red Tip - Friendship, falling in love
  • Orange - Desire and enthusiasm
  • Red and White - Given together, these signify unity
  • Peach - Closing of the deal, let's get together
  • Coral - Desire
  • Lavender - Love at first sight and enhancement
  • Orange - Enthusiasm, desire and fascination
  • Red Rosebud - Symbolic of purity and loveliness
  • White Rosebud - Symbolic of girlhood
  • Thornless Rose - Signifies "Love at first sight"

How to Buy Corsages/ Boutonnieres (from

Corsages and boutonnieres should be simple, elegant arrangements that match your date's color scheme

  1. Discuss with your date the basic colors you both plan to wear to the prom. A prom dress may be one solid color, or it may contain several hues. Determine the predominant color and work from there.
  2. If your date is female, ask whether she prefers a wrist or pin-on corsage. Usually, wrist corsages are preferred because they would not damage the date's dress. All male boutonnieres should be worn pinned to the lapel. The boys' boutonnieres consist of a flower or bouquet worn in a suit jacket or tuxedo buttonhole. A single large rose, usually red, with some baby's breath or greenery behind it, is a recommended arrangement, although some pricier boutonnieres come with orchids.
  3. Determine whether your date has any favorite flowers that should be incorporated into the arrangement.
  4. Call local florists to gauge prices and to get a sense of flower varieties, colors and costs. Order the flower arrangement at least two weeks before the dance. Prices for corsages range from $15 to $30. Bouttonniere prices range from $4.50 to $15.
  5. Pick up the flowers the day before, or the day of, the dance to insure maximum freshness and perkiness.
  6. Your corsage can be simple or ornamented with background greens and flowers, such as a small fern sprig. Take your date's personal style into consideration when choosing a corsage. An arrangement containing a single red or white rose, surrounded by decorations and greenery, is popular. Three to five sweetheart roses in different colors to complement the dress, or small orchids or mini-carnations are often used as another option. Bows and pearl accents are also common additions.
  7. Take care to avoid purchasing an oversized or gaudy corsage simply to make a statement. Keep the flower arrangement simple and elegant.
  8. Make sure that the color matches the dress. How many different shades of green are there? When possible, use a fabric swatch. You don't want a sea-green corsage with a forest-green dress.

How to Pin a Boutonniere (from

  1. Hold the flower arrangement by its stem. Have the flower facing away from your date and toward you.
  2. Place the boutonniere at a slight angle on your date's lapel, approximately 4 inches in from the tip of the left shoulder.
  3. Make sure that the flower is evenly placed on the lapel before attempting to pin it.
  4. Take a strong and sturdy stickpin in the hand that is not holding the flower.
  5. Stick the pin into the fabric at the bottom left corner of the stem.
  6. Weave the pin back out from under the fabric. Push it through about 1 inch, laying it at an angle over the top of the stem.
  7. Stick the tip of the pin back into the fabric on the other side of the stem. Insure that the stem is tightly in place with the length of the pin pushing it down.
  8. Weave the pin back out of the fabric once more. Be sure that the very tip of the pin does not stick out, nor does it poke under the fabric and touch the skin.
  • Tips: Readjust the flower's angle a bit after pinning, if necessary. You can re-fluff any petals that may have become matted during the pinning process.
  • Warnings: When sticking the pin into the fabric, use only the very tip and avoid digging too deeply downward. This is where steadiness comes in handy.

What to do if you get an ugly corsage

  1. Thank them sincerely for their thoughtfulness.
  2. Tell them the corsage is too pretty to wear, that in your past experiences, you've always managed to squash them or lose most of the flowers by the end of the night.
  3. Tell them you prefer to keep the corsage off when you are dancing.
  4. Gather your belongings and leave your room before he has a chance to respond. If you are not yet ready to go, continue styling your hair or whatever preparations needed to end the topic of corsages.

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