21w.789 Communicating with Mobile Technology

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Spring 2015
Tuesdays, 7-10 pm
Lecture Room: 3-270
Recitation/Studio Rooms: TBD

Frank Bentley (bentley)
Ed Barrett (14N-336, ebarrett, 3-6475)

Sean Flynn (spf)
Heather Craig (hhcraig)
Gordon Mangum (wgmangum)

This class takes students through the mobile design process from generative research to design, protoyping, and evaluation of a novel mobile application or service. Students work in small collaborative design teams to propose, build, and document a semester-long project focused on a mobile application or service in their domain of interest. Additional assignments include exploring location and networking services in a variety of conditions. Students document their work through a series of written and oral proposals, progress reports, and a final conference-style paper. This course covers the basics of Android programming and explores mobile imaging and media creation, location-based services, user-centered design, usability testing, and prototyping. Java experience required.

Prereq: 1.00, 6.005, or permission of instructor

Note: Due to high demand, this course will be taught in a lecture/recitation format with an approximately 1.5 hour long lecture and several 1.5 hour recitation/studio sections with additional staff immediately following. Attendance at both is expected as the material covered in lecture will be immediately applied to semester projects in the recitation sections.

Note: Although some material will be taught in Android, students are welcome to develop for Windows Phone or iOS-based devices if they have them. Students must supply their own devices. Celluar data access is required for one assignment.