Foods and Beverages to Avoid

Foods to Avoid:

All foods high in fat and/or simple sugars (i.e., sucrose, corn syrup, fructose corn syrup).

  1. butter and margarine
  2. mayonnaise
  3. egg yolks
  4. red meat not labeled extra lean
  5. potato chips
  6. foods containing oils
  7. cheeses
  8. soda (high in simple sugar)
  9. sauces containing fatty meat or oil
  10. candy
  11. fast food
  12. salad dressings not labeled fat free
  13. peanut butter
  14. doughnuts
  15. cookies
  16. fat free baked goods (usually contain high amounts of simple sugars)
  17. ice cream, whip cream, whole milk
  18. weight gain powders
  19. deep fried and breaded food
  20. pastries
  21. lunch meats containing more than 7% fat
  22. bacon and sausage

** It may not be realistic to eat a diet which completely avaids the types of food listed above. However, these foods should be eaten infrequently and in small quantities. To eat "clean" and improve your sport performance and personal health you must be disciplined!

Beverages to Avoid:

  1. alcohol (high in calories, processed as a fat, causes dehydration)
  2. hole milk (high in fat)
  3. soda (high in simple sugar)

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