Healthy Food Choices


  1. turkey or chicken
  2. lean red meat
  3. egg whites
  4. nonfat cottage cheese
  5. nonfat yogurt
  6. tuna and other seafood
  7. skim milk


  1. baked potatoes
  2. yams
  3. pasta
  4. whole wheat bread
  5. rice
  6. beans and lentils
  7. bagels
  8. oatmeal
  9. grits
  10. whole grain cereal
  11. all green and leafy vegetables
  12. fruits
  13. pretzels

* Most grocery stores and delis offer "healthy choice" meat products. These products are relatively inexpensive and far more nutritious than ordinary lunch meat.

* Fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than canned or frozen fruits and vegetables.

*Broil, boil, steam, or grill your food. Don't fry, deep fry, or cook your food in oil, butter, or margerine.

Healthy Beverages:

  1. water
  2. skim milk
  3. fruit juices (watch sugar content)
  4. crystal light
  5. diet soda (in moderation)

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