6.033 Networking Lecture Notes (Spring 2010)

This year, the networking lectures had a different structure from previous years, so we've posted our lecture notes. Please note that these are a work in progress, and contain typos, missing figures, lots of missing details, etc., so they aren't a substitute for attending lectures or reading the course notes! For other lectures, our lecture plan matches closely with the notes given here.

In the table below, PDF files contain text notes, and PPT files are slides used during presentation. PDF versions of the slides are available on the schedule page.

Lecture 9: Intro to networking and link layer[PDF]
Lecture 10: Network and end-to-end layer[PDF | PPT]
Lecture 11: Congestion control[PDF | PPT]
Lecture 12: Internet and scalable networks[PDF | PPT]
Lecture 13: Distributed naming[PDF]
Lecture 14: Peer-to-peer networks [PDF | PPT (first few slides)]

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