Read The Akamai Network: A Platform for High-Performance Internet Applications; skim Section 9. This paper, from 2010, describes the Akamai platform, which improves the performance of technologies that the Internet was not designed for (e.g., streaming video). Incidentally, Akamai's headquarters are right down the street from MIT.

The first six sections of this paper give context and motivation. Akamai's actual platform is not described until Section 7. In Section 8, the authors walk through an example of how Akamai's platform maintains availability in the face of different types of failure. (Just like how the system you design for the DP needs to handle multiple types of route failures!)

As you read, think about the following:

Question for Recitation

Before you come to this recitation, write up (on paper) a brief answer to the following (really—we don't need more than a couple sentences for each question). If your TA has requested that you email your answer to them, you may do that instead, but it should still be handed in before your recitation begins.

Your answers to these questions should be in your own words, not direct quotations from the paper.

As always, there are multiple correct answers for each of these questions.