These are the final papers of student projects conducted during the course of the class in Fall 2001, 2000, 1999, and 1998. They were presented in a quasi-public forum to members of EECS, STS, and the MIT community during the first week of December.

Files are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format:

Fall 2001

Claude Shannon's Early Work and the Formation of Information Theory (by Eugene Chiu, Jocelyn Lin, Brok McFerron, Noshirwan Petigara, Satwik Seshasai).

Information Theory after Shannon's 1948 Work (by Omar Aftab, Pearlin Cheung, Austin Kim, Sneha Thakkar, Neelima Yeddanapudi).

The MIT Student Information Processing Board (by Chian Chuu, Mike Lei, Ellie Liang, Alida Tei).

Bolt Beranek and Newman (by Jordan Alperin, Alexander Brown, Jennifer Huang, Shastri Sandy).

The Emergence of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (by Stefanie Chiou, Craig Music, Kara Sprague, Rebekah Wahba).

Fall 2000

Harold Edgerton in World War II (by Roozebeh Ghaffari, Ozge Nadia Gozum, Katherine Koch, Amy W. Ng, Hua Fung Teh, and Peter Yang). Visit the project website.

Infocom, Inc. (by Hector Briceno, Wesley Chao, Andrew Glenn, Stanley Hu, Ashwin Krishnamurthy, and Bruce Tsuchida). Visit the project website.

Teradyne's Aurora Project (by Sailu Challapalli, Michael Chu, Annie Kuo, Emily Liu, Arundhati Singh, and Erick Tseng). Visit the project website.

The World Wide Web (by Matthew Lee, Andrew Montgomery, Steven Shapiro, Veeral Shah, and Qian Wang).

The Solar Electric Vehicle Team (by Amit Goyal, Rania Khalaf, Amar Mehta, Ashutosh Somani, and Paritosh Somani).

The Advanced Encryption Standard (by Edward Chu, Frank Liu, Jeffrey Yu, Jason Sharma, Paul Kim, and Philip Kim). Visit the project website.

Mode S: An Air Traffic Control Data-Link Technology (by Emily Chang, Roger Hu, Danny Lai, Richard Li, Quincy Scott, and Tina Tyan). Visit the project website.

Analog Devices' MACSYM Project (by Victor Chang, Michael Feng, Benson Fu, Sanjay Rao, and Karen Wang).

LEGO Mindstorms (by Christopher Beland, Wesley Chan, Dwaine Clarke, Richard Park, and Michael Trupiano).

Fall 1999

The Central Artery/Tunnel Project (by Theresa Burianek, Serena Chan, Saurabh Khemka, Ming Maa, and Joey Rozier)

Project Athena (by Karin Cheung, Carol Chow, Jesse Koontz, Mike Li, and Ben Self)

Logo (by Anit Chakraborty, Randy Graebner, and Tom Stocky)

HDTV (by Salvador Alvarez, James Chen, David Lecumberri, and Chen-Pang Yeang)

Fall 1998

Ethernet (by Eden Miller, Peter Sun, Marc Huang, Charles Oji)

Cambridge Heart, Inc. (by Joe Foley, Ranjini Srikantiah, Victor Su, Marc Lebovitz)

Symbolics, Inc. (by Alvin Graylin, Jonathan Loflin, Kari-Anne Hoier Kjolass, Jimmie Dale Walker)

Dragon Systems, Inc. (by Mandy Mobley, Lynn Qu, Jessica Wang, Eric Sit)


One-Page Project Proposals (1997)

Project History: Harold Edgerton and Side-Scan Sonar

Project History: Magnetic Core Memory

Project History: Apollo Guidance Computer