8.971 - Astrophysics Seminar, Fall 2011

(6 units) Meets Wednesdays 4pm-5pm, Room 37-656. Overview of astrophysics research at MIT for first-year graduate students. Weekly guest presentations by MIT faculty and research scientists, organized by Deepto Chakrabarty and Anna Frebel. For more information contact deepto@mit.edu.
Sep 21 Organizational meeting (Deepto Chakrabarty)
Sep 28 Rob Simcoe
Oct 5 Herman Marshall
Oct 12 (no meeting)
Oct 19 Anna Frebel
Oct 26 Paul Schechter
Nov 1 Scott Hughes (cancelled)
Nov 9 General discussion (Anna Frebel)
Nov 16 Deepto Chakrabarty
Nov 23 (no meeting)
Nov 30 Josh Winn
Dec 7 Nevin Weinberg
Dec 14 Scott Hughes

Send comments and questions to Deepto Chakrabarty, deepto@mit.edu

Last modified: Wednesday, November 16, 2011