Thesis Submission Guidelines

When you bring your thesis to Academic Programs, 4-315, you should include the following items:

  • Signatures: The title page of both copies must have original signatures of the student, research supervisor, and co-supervisor (if applicable). Theses are accepted by the Associate Department Head, Professor Deepto Chakrabarty, who will sign each thesis at a later date (after it has been accepted in Academic Programs).
  • Two copies of the Thesis, plus one extra abstract and title page stapled together. Copies #1 and #2 must have original signatures and must be on archival bond paper. Check for the 25% (or more) cotton watermark. Paper is available at CopyTech. MIT Bond and recyclable bond paper are not acceptable.
  • Each copy of the thesis must be clipped or banded together with a cardboard cover and a label, which can be obtained in the Science Library. No holes, staples, etc. are permitted. Each label must include the student's name, department, thesis title, degree date, and copy #.
  • Ph.D. Candidates: Before accepting a thesis, the PEO must have the signed form from the research supervisor indicating a "Pass" on the thesis defense.
  • Ph.D. Candidates: Submit the completed University Microfilms, Inc. Form with a copy of the title page and abstract attached.
  • SM Candidates: Before accepting a thesis, Academic Programs must have a letter to the Department, signed by the research supervisor, assigning a final thesis grade of "A," " B" or "C.
  • All Candidates: Before your final candidacy is approved, you must pay an archival fee with your Student Accounts representative located in the Student Service Center, 11-120.
  • All Candidates: After all materials have been accepted, a thesis.receipt will be given.
  • All Candidates: If you have questions regarding diplomas, Commencement, and the Hooding Ceremony please contact Alpha Sanneh (8-6414) in the Registrar’s Office (5-119).
  • For more detailed information, please refer to the Specifications for Thesis Preparation.
  • Sydney Miller will gladly review your thesis title page and abstract to avoid any small errors. Please send these pages to her at and she will send back any necessary edits.
  • It is important that you and your supervisor(s) sign theses that can be submitted to the MIT Library Archives.
  • Voluntary thesis esubmission system:
    Please note that the Libraries will still need two paper copies of each graduate thesis. However, students can use this service to upload an electronic version of their thesis for display in DSpace. If you have any questions or if the service isn’t working for you or your students, please email me or

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