MIT Physics News Spotlight

Five faculty shortlisted for 2015 physics breakthrough of the year

Research by Formaggio, Fu, Joannopoulos, Soljačić, Zwierlein noted among ten top physics achievements by Physics World/The Institute of Physics.

MIT Department of Physics
December 11, 2015

Adam Riess ’92, professor of astronomy and physics at Johns Hopkins University
(Clockwise from top left) Joseph Formaggio (Photo: Christopher Kontos), Liang Fu
(Photo: Justin Knight), John Joannopoulos (Photo: ), Marin Soljačić (Photo: Denis
Paiste), and Martin Zwierlein (Photo: Greg Hren)

Five Physics Department faculty, Joseph Formaggio, Associate Professor of Physics and Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics Division Head, Liang Fu, Assistant Professor of Physics, John Joannopoulos, Francis Wright Davis Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, Marin Soljačić, Professor of Physics, and Martin Zwierlein, Silverman Family Career Development Professor of Physics, are among ten other physicists shortlisted for the 2015 Physics World Breakthrough of the Year.

The Physics World Breakthrough of the Year Award is presented each year to an outstanding research endeavour. For this year's award, the winning research must have been published in 2015 and also has to meet four criteria:

  • fundamental importance in research;
  • significant advance in knowledge;
  • strong connection between theory and experiment; and
  • general interest to all physicists.

Last year ESA's Rosetta mission won the award for the remarkable feat of landing a spacecraft on a comet while acquiring a wealth of scientific data.