MIT Sustainable Design Lab
Current members

BT Fall Hike 2019 | Mariana, Nicole, Zach, Christoph, Eduardo, Charu, Nikelish

Current members

Snowshoeing 2019 | Yu Qian, Chloe, Khadija, Alpha, Christoph, Mariana, Ana

Current members

SDL gathering in NYC 2018 | Bing, Alstan, Jeff, Christoph, Carlos, Tarek, Khadija, Alpha, Liz, Jamie

Current members

Lab Hike 2016 | Alpha, Irmak, Jiamin, Cody, Carlos, Shreshth, Nathaniel, Jay, Jamie, Christoph

Current members

Lab Hike 2015 | BR: Nathaniel, Cody, Jay, Alpha; FR: Christoph, Jamie, Carlos

Current members

Lab Party 2014 | BR: Cody, Julia, Timur, Nathaniel, Christoph; FR: Brianna, Aiko, Manos, Carlos, Tarek, Jeff

Current members

Gala Dinner at Building Simulation 2013 | Feli, Alstan, Elliot, Carlos, Timur, Tarek, Christoph, Diego and Nathaniel

Current members

UMI Symposium, May 2013 | Carlos, Christoph, Tarek, Timur, Alstan and John

Current members

June 2012 | Diego, Holly, Christoph, Karthik, Alstan and Tarek

Current Members

Prospective Students

    Current and past students in our lab have been enrolled in a variety of different degree programs at MIT including SMBT, SMARCHS, or PhD degrees in the Building Technology Program in Archtecture as well as the MCP program in Urban Planning. If you are thinking about applying, it is recommended that you contact Christoph Reinhart to discuss which program(s) would be the best fit for you.

Alumni [MIT Sustainable Design Lab and G(SD)2]

Postdocs and doctorate students
  year name, degree granted/position Affilation after graduation/postdoc
  2020 Irmak Turan, PhD, MIT Georgia Tech (lecturer)
  2019 Shreshth Nagpal, PhD, MIT Integral Group, Prinipal New York City
  2018 Carlos Cerezo Davila, PhD, MIT KPF Environmental Performance Director
  2018 Jay Dhariwal, Research Scientist Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (faculty)
  2015 Timur Dogan, PhD, MIT Cornell University (faculty)
  2014 Diego Ibarra, DDesS, Harvard Boston Consulting Group
  2014 J Alstan Jakubiec, PhD, MIT Singapore U Technology & Design (faculty)
  2017 Nathaniel Jones, PhD, MIT ARUP San Francisco
  2015 Tarek Rakha, PhD, MIT Syracuse University (faculty)
  2013 Holly W Samuelson, DDesS, Harvard Harvard University (faculty)

Master and undergraduate students

  year name, degree granted/position 1st affilation after graduation
  2016 Jamie Bemis, Master in City Planning, MIT City of New York
  2011 Eduardo Berlin, MDesS Harvard Modern Development Studio (CEO)
  2011 Karthik Dondeti, MDesS Harvard Zofnass Program at Harvard
  2017 Jamie Farrell, SMArchS Urbanism, MIT Postmates
  2015 Jeff Geisinger, SMArchS BT, MIT Rhode Island School of Design (faculty)
  2012 Elliot Glassman, MDesS Harvard Built Ecology, New York
  2011 Seth Holmes , MDesS Harvard University of Hartford (faculty)
  2017 Ali Irani , MEng, MIT SOM Chicago
  2009 Cynthia Kwan, MDesS Harvard Woods Bagot, Hong Kong
  2010 Kera Lagios, MArch Harvard Lam Partners, Cambridge
  2020 Mariana Liebman-Pelaez, SMBT MIT The Green Engineer, Cambridge
  2010 Rohit Manudhane, MDesS Harvard Ove Arup & Partners, New York
  2011 Rashida Mogri, MDesS Harvard Gensler, Houston
  2015 Aiko Nakano, SMBT MIT Höweler + Yoon Architecture, Boston
  2011 Jeff Niemasz, MArch Harvard Solemma, LLC (managing member)
  2011 Azadeh Omidfar, MDesS Harvard EYP Architecture & Engineering, Boston
  2010 Tiffany Otis, MArch Harvard Ullernfaret 1B, Oslo
  2012 Debashree Pal, MDesS Harvard Modern Development Studio, Boston
  2016 Cody Rose, Research Fellow, MIT Millenium Management
  2015 Manos Saratsis, SMArchS Urbanism, MIT NRG Renew
  2011 Jon Sargent, MArch Harvard SOM, New York
  2015 Julia Sokol, MSc MechE MIT MechE (PhD student)
  2011 Devon Sparks, BS, MIT Ove Arup & Partners, San Fransisco
  2013 John Sullivan, Research Fellow, MIT Buro Happold, Dubai
  2018 Jiamin Sun, SMArchS BT Adobe
  2009 Jennifer Sze, MDesS Harvard Israel Berger & Associates, New York
  2009 Bradley Tran, SM BT, MIT Accenture

Visiting students

  year name, home university
  2020 Jakub Szczesniak, ETH Zurich
  2020 Niall Buckley, University College Dublin
  2016 Sara Freitas, University of Lisbon
  2014 Nelson Soares, Universidade de Coimbra