I Have Come Into the City

by Sonia Sanchez

i had come into the city carrying life in my
amid rumors of death
calling out to everyone who would listen
it is time, to move us all into another century
time for freedom and racial and sexual
time for women and children and men, time
for hands unbound
i had come into the city wearing peaceful
and the spaces between us smiled,
i had come into the city carrying life in my eyes

and the followed us in their cars with their
and their tongues crawled with caterpillars
and they bumped us off the road, turned
over our cars
and they bombed our building, killed our
and they slaughtered our doctors
maintaining our bodies,
and their courts changed into confessionals
but we kept on organizing, we kept on
teaching believing
loving doing what was holy, moving to a
higher ground
even though our hands were full of
slaughtered truth
but we held out our eyes delirious with grace

come, i say come, you sitting still in domestic
come, i say come, you standing still in double
breasted mornings
come, i say come, and return to the fight
this fight for the earth
this fight for our children
this fight for our life
we need your hurricane voices
we need your sacred hands

i say. come, sister, brother to the battlefield
come into the rain forests
come into the 'hood, come into the barrios
come into the schools, come into the abortion
clinics, come into the prisons, come and
caress our spines

i say. come, wrap your feet around justice
i say. come, wrap your tongues around truth
i say. come, wrap your hands with deeds
and prayer
you brown ones, you yellow ones,
you black ones, you gay ones,
you white ones, you lesbian ones
Come come come come come to this
called life, called life, called life...

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