Arash Afraz

    My main research interest is object recognition in the brain. I combine conventional and interventional physiology with visual psychophysics to investigate the neural underpinnings of object recognition behavior. I use neural and behavioral data to inform computational models of object recognition. On a broader horizon, I am interested in the brain mechanisms underlying visual perception. 

    I am currently setting up my laboratory named “Unit on Neurons, Circuits and Behavior” at NIH/NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health).

    In the past years, I have been a research scientist at M.I.T., McGovern Institute for Brain Research, DiCarlo Lab. I received my PhD in Psychology from Harvard University, Vision Science Laboratory in 2009 and my MD from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2003.

Work Address:

DiCarlo Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Av. 46-6161. Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA

Phone: 617 324 0306