Mohammad-Reza Alam

Lecturer @ MIT, and,
Chief Science Officer @ Resolute Marine Energy Inc.








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My photos

Well, I am by no means professional, but I have been told that I have some professional looking shots!!
here is the link to my Flickr photos, comments and critiques are welcome. Also see the time-lapse vide at the bottom of this page.

I like and practice Persian Calligraphy. Samples

I play and teach the Santour (persian dulcimer):

(you can download the widescreen video from here)



Time-lapse photography of Boston landscape, Charles River and MIT campus


This time-lapse video is composed of 11,000 still HD photos taken from 5:30 AM to 8:30PM (every 5 seconds) of Nov. 29th, 2010. Music is the "Eve of the War" by Alchemist (Performed by The London Symphony Orchestra) with some editing.

0- To see the movie in HD, set the resolution on the right-corner of video-screen to 1080p
1- Note the train (red-line) frequently passing over long-fellow bridge (the back bridge in the picture)
2- Note Airplanes landing at Logan Airport (in the evening)
3- Note the shadow of TangHall on the Green Building at the very last moment of sunset.

Regular Resolution for download (78MB)