Mohammad-Reza Alam

Lecturer @ MIT, and,
Chief Science Officer @ Resolute Marine Energy Inc.








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Fluid mechanics is getting more and more attention as serious issues such as energy crisis, pollution, global warming, food supply and health concerns reveal their earthshaking faces. Indeed today's most important challenges are within the scope of fluid mechanics. That's how I got attracted to this field of study.

Each of the icons below will navigate you to the webpage of one of my research subjects. I tried really hard to make each of these a  non-mathematical introduction to my work. Feedback and critiques are always more than welcome. 

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Internal Gravity waves:

Renewable Energy:

Interaction of Internal gravity waves with topography:

   1- Bragg Resonance with Regular Topography

   2- Localization over a Random Bottom


Ship wave resonance in stratified seas



Ocean wave energy


Teaching: A First Course in Renewable Energy


Wave Energy Laboratory


Project Repedia
(Renewable Energy encycloPedia)
will be announced soon

Lagrangian Fluid Mechanics:

Selective Fluid Mechanics Problems:

Feedback control of separation in unsteady flows


Tsunami and breaking In Lagrangian description

Acoustics of Sound-holes in Musical Instruments


Life within a diving bell


Ship in a canal with a randomly rough bed


Wave attenuation over muddy sea floors

, Dynamics and Controls:

Optimally Stable Mobile Manipulator Path Planning


Halo Orbits Around the Co-linear Lagrangian Points of The Sun-Earth Systems