Dean for Student Life

The 2002–2003 academic year was a very exciting and productive year for the Division of Student Life (DSL). In fact, some have said it has been one of the best years ever in terms of improving the quality of student life and community spirit on campus.

This year has brought many impressive accomplishments. This report highlights several themes: shared services, integration, and collaboration. DSL staff members have diligently pursued these themes, and this report reflects significant progress toward the goals.

Since in many cases the projects described are collaborative between different units, many accomplishments will be mentioned in several different sections of this report. One example of such a success brought about through our collaborative efforts was the problem of overcrowding in the undergraduate residence halls. The Chancellor's Office, Offices of the DSL, Graduate Students' Office (GSO), Student Life Programs (SLP) and Housing, the Housemasters, DormCon, Graduate Student Council (GSC) and Housing and Community Affairs (HCA), the Enrollment Management Group, and the Housing Strategy group all worked together to eliminate overcrowding, one of the most important accomplishments at MIT this year.

Hundreds of accomplishments filled our year at the DSL. However, I would like to highlight some of our overarching successes:

There is a new, shared sense of productivity and achievement, as well as a heightened level of morale on the part of all the staff and students who have made these and all the other accomplishments possible this last year. Finally, there is a sense of momentum building as we begin the 2003–2004 school year, and we all look forward to continued improvement in student and community life at MIT.

Larry G. Benedict
Dean for Student Life

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