MIT Reports to the President 1997-98


While much progress has been achieved as a result of the administrative process changes reported in prior years, the most dramatic shift from last year involved the groundwork and planning by the various departments in the Operations area in preparation for the undertaking of a major campus expansion. The first of the projects, the new CIIS/Stata Complex which will be built on the site of Building 20, will house five laboratories and departments. During the year, Frank Gehry, the internationally recognized architect, was chosen to design the new complex.

Several construction and renovation projects of note were completed this year. The Student Service Center located on the first floor of Building 11 opened in time for the fall term; ten all-purpose classrooms in Building 2 were totally renovated; Room 9-150, an outdated lecture hall, was transformed into a state-of-the-art distance learning facility; and the total renovation of Building 16 was completed and the building was occupied during the year. In addition, the newly renovated Music Library in Building 14E received the "Building of the Year" award in the category of Spatial Planning and Interior Furnishings at the Facilities Management Expo.

The Copy Technology Centers successfully completed their first full year of operation as an independent department and, within Physical Plant, the Repair and Maintenance group also successfully completed their first year under the redesign consisting of five local zones and twelve central teams. Cost-saving efforts implemented by the redesigned Mail Services group saved the Institute over $850,000. As a result of the success of last year's pilot program, the Visa Procurement Card (VIP Card) was introduced to the community this year and is available for Institute personnel to make small dollar purchases.

Due to the increased demand for on- and near-campus housing that the Institute faces, the Planning Office engaged in preparing for new undergraduate and graduate residences.

Campus safety continued to be a priority during the year in order to ensure that Institute policies and procedures remain in compliance with city, state, and federal regulations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a compliance review late this spring. Staff from the Safety Office worked with members of the EPA inspection teams during the enforcement review. The Safety Office also coordinated preparatory efforts prior to the site inspection.

Affirmative Action efforts in the operating areas continued throughout the year. Our on-going goal is to hire minorities and women, whenever possible, and to promote women to non-traditional roles. In an effort to identify a greater pool of minority candidates, a revised program within the Physical Plant Department, the largest single operating unit, has been established with the formation of several diversified search committees, all trained in the legal aspects of interviewing. The operating areas are also working with the Special Assistant to the Vice President for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action to identify resources and attract minority candidates. In addition, the development of minorities and women will continued through enhanced training programs and education.

We will continue to strive toward a goal of a more diverse work force.

Following are individual department reports.

William R. Dickson

MIT Reports to the President 1997-98