MIT Reports to the President 1997-98


Audio Visual Services is dedicated to meeting the Institute's needs for presentation support for a wide variety of activities, including classes, special events, and cultural programs. Through the use of audio, video, and computer projection and amplification systems, the department works with students, faculty, and staff to produce daily classes, seminars, conferences, concerts, and special events reaching thousands of people each year, both on campus and at remote sites, around the world.

Support for the Institute's educational activities comprised 65 percent of the department's work orders throughout the year. The operation of audio visual equipment for daily classes and support for seminars and colloquia continues to be the largest area of business for the department. A highlight was the operation of audio teleconferencing equipment for Sloan School classes, enabling students to talk to entrepreneurs worldwide and interact with them in a class setting. The incorporation of computer technology into the curriculum continues to require a greater level of technical skill in the interfacing of personal computers to projection systems and other display equipment.

Support for special events continues to be another focus of the department. Complex computer projection and audio systems were designed and operated by department technicians for the following events: the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Conference, Media Lab Wearables Conference, three Enterprise Forum satellite teleconferences, the Innovation Summit, the Technology Review Re-Launch Event, the Industrial Liaison Program conferences, and Commencement and Technology Day.

Direct involvement in audio visual systems design for classrooms and lecture halls expanded this year. Projects include the upgrade of the audio visual system in 1-390 to incorporate distance learning capabilities, the renovation of Kresge Auditorium, the renovation of ten classrooms in Buildings 2, 5 and E51, and in the N42 Demonstration Room for Information Systems.

A computerized database system was developed this year for processing orders, facilitating internal billing through SAP, tracking equipment inventory, and providing business management information. Customers continue to make heavy use of the web-based ordering system which was integrated into the order processing database to facilitate requests for services.

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Louis W. Graham, Jr.

MIT Reports to the President 1997-98