MIT Reports to the President 1997-98


The MIT Campus Police continued to commit itself to providing services to the community through partnerships that reduce crime, create a safe environment, build trust, and enhance the quality of life in the academic community. The department remains committed to delivering quality service to the community in an effective, responsive, and professional manner.

The number of crimes against persons during the year dropped to a three-year low of 21 incidents. Although thefts of personal property also dropped during the year, the total number of reported incidents of larcenies from Institute facilities and residence halls rose. There were 196 incidents of theft of Institute-owned property compared to 161 last year. Computers and computer components were, once again, the most frequent type of Institute-owned property stolen. There were 441 incidents of theft of personal property reported at sites other than residences compared with 475 last year. The majority of items stolen were wallets, laptops, and backpacks. There were 112 thefts inside residences reported this year compared with 68 last year and the most frequently stolen items were bicycles and electronic equipment. Motor vehicle thefts on campus decreased substantially. There were 13 motor vehicle thefts this year compared to 24 last year. The theft of bicycles also dropped significantly with a total of 115 bicycles stolen compared to 143 last year.

The Safe Ride safety shuttle service provided 159,207 personal safety escorts during the year. Campus Police also supplemented Safe Ride when early morning operations ceased by providing 708 personal safety escorts to members of the community.

The Campus Police Department provides 24-hour emergency medical services to all members of the MIT community as well as to Draper Laboratory and the Whitehead Institute. The total number of patients transported by the Campus Police rose in 1997 from 2,106 last year to 2,642 this year, an eight year high.

The Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) self-defense program continued to be a popular course. During the year, the total number of individuals trained in the community increased to 357 since the start of the program in 1994.

Cheryl DeJong Vossmer, Campus Police Sergeant in the Crime Prevention Unit, was a recipient of the Gordon Y Billard Award for special service of outstanding merit performed for the Institute at the annual Institute Awards Convocation.

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Anne P. Glavin

MIT Reports to the President 1997-98