MIT Reports to the President 1997-98


The goal of the Copy Technology Centers continues to be to provide the MIT community with the highest quality copier and copier-related services. To meet that challenge, we strive to implement creative programs in the areas of efficiency and quality control while at the same time maintaining sound business principles. Implementation of these programs helps ensure that customer satisfaction remains the department's number one priority.


One of the main focuses of the department over the past year was to stabilize the organization following the closing of the old Graphic Arts Department. The Copy Technology Centers (CTC) completed their first full fiscal year as an independent department. A great deal of effort went into educating the MIT community about our new identity and services the department provides. The past year also marked the formation of critical partnerships with other internal departments to bring about the structure of a complete document delivery system. It is the development and maintenance of these partnerships that will permit the MIT community and all of its internal partners to achieve their missions and goals.

In an effort to merge the various services the CTCs offer, and to develop a name recognition within the campus community, a program was launched targeting the MIT student population. By participation in numerous student events, utilization of student advertising mediums, and creating a number of activities specifically geared to the student population, the CTC has successfully matched the department's services to the needs of the students. The next phase of this marketing approach will be directed toward the administrative community.

Over the year, sales throughout the Copy Technology Centers rose to $3.3 million, an increase of 9 percent over last year. This financial performance will allow the department to expand it's services by opening a new copy center to be called, "Copy Tech Express". This facility will be located in the Stratton Student Center and will provide copy services in the late evenings and on weekends.


The Copyright Clearance and Course Packet Services continue and remain an integral part of production services. During the year, over 18,000 course packets were produced for students and 420 courses submitted packets for student distribution.

In preparation for the expected SAP roll-out next year, all administrative staff participated in extensive training and all relevant computers and peripherals received the necessary upgrades to be in compliance with the SAP functions.

The internal partnerships with the Publishing Services Bureau and Mail Services grew stronger during the year. The department also shared in the design and production of a community brochure outlining the features of each partner and how they relate to each other in the production cycle.

During the year, new equipment was purchased, renovations were completed, and new services were researched in order to meet the demands of the Institute community.

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Steven M. Dimond

MIT Reports to the President 1997-98