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Welcome to the Australia & New Zealand Club at MIT. The club welcomes all Australians, New Zealanders and the just-plain-interested living in the Boston area. Sign up to our mailing list or drop by our next event.

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  Kasey Chambers is the latest Australian artist to include Boston on her North American itinerary. See upcoming concerts for all the details and ticketing information.

Looking to connect to the Australian professional community in the US? Try Advance. For more information, contact Bruce Rogers.

For New Zealanders, KEA allows you to get in touch with expats in virtually all sectors of business, academia, research, government and entrepreneurship. For more information, contact Karen Willcox.

See the Spring 2004 schedule for the Aussie Half-Baked Ideas seminar.

We are currently looking to compile advice (see Tips for Expats) from Boston-based Australians and New Zealanders on a variety of issues that are of wide concern to ANZ students at MIT. If you can provide answers to any of the questions, or to any other topics that you think will be of interest, please send them to

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