Collision 5, the next dimension
is approaching fast. April 27-May11, 2003.

Collision 5, the next dimension, will take place during the 2003 Boston Cyberarts Festival. It will be held in the Compton Gallery on the main MIT Campus from April 24th-May 15th.

We will be hosting the event in collaboration with the collision collective.

We have received generous support from Council for the Arts at MIT and the MIT Graduate Student Council.

hyperCOLLISION(Fall 02) was a great time. We will have a video shortly.

COLLISION III(Spring 02) in super 3-D was a great success! Thanks to the artists and organizers. Special thanks to the MIT Museum and the collision collective. Here is a somewhat large video of Collision 3 in Super 3D -> Quicktime Video, ~5min

ATat, in cooperation with MITDMC and the Thirsty Ear Pub is starting a weekly music series at the Thirsty Ear called UNDERGROUND. Tuesdays will feature live bands and wednesdays will feature electronic music. Sponsored in part by the MIT Council for the Arts.

superCOLLISION(Fall 01) was great! Thanks to those who made it a success.
Here are some photo galleries.
gallery 1(stephanie) | gallery 2(frostbyte) | gallery 3(steve @ lollygagger)
More to come....

If you are an artist at MIT or in the boston area and you work with technology and would like to show your work at the above event or future events, please contact us.

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