Maria Bauza, MIT PhD Candidate

I am PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) working with Prof. Alberto Rodriguez.

I develop algorithms that make robots more reactive through accurate feedback. In my work, I have studied both the power of closed-loop control in frictional systems and the capabilities of high-resolution tactile sensing for manipulation tasks, such as grasping and localization. My goal is to make robots highly reactive and dexterous at manipulation by effectively leveraging real-time tactile and visual feedback. MIT News

Here you can find some of my projects as PhD student, and work done during my undergraduate studies.
My research has been supported by LaCaixa and Facebook fellowships.

Graduate Work

Tactile Localization of known objects

Accurate object localization from the first touch.
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Tactile Localization and Mapping

Shape reconstruction and object localization using a vision-based tactile sensor, GelSlim.
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Encoding inductive biases by optimizing unsupervised objectives at prediction time.

Manipulation through Contact Reasoning

Accurate vision-based manipulation through contact reasoning.
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Experience-embedded Visual Foresight

Leaning to encode new objects to generate physically plausible video predictions.
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Tactile regrasping using a high-resolution tactile second to improve grasp stability. Best Poster Award at ICRA 2018 workshop on Active touch for perception and interaction.
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Omnipush dataset

We present a large high-quality on planar pushing that includes RGB-D video and extense object variability.
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Simulators and Object-Based Networks for Control

We propose a hybrid dynamics model, simulator-augmented interaction networks (SAIN), combining a physics engine with an object-based neural network for dynamics modeling.
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Undergraduate Projects

A cheap autonomous RC car

Hacking the car's controller, we made it be a self-driving car.

The drawing robot

Our homemade robot can draw an image from the Internet onto any blackboard.

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