Kanwisher Lab

Where we stand

We all have a part to play in the efforts to dismantle a deep and insidious racism in our society and government, and in addressing all our biases and avoidance behaviors at the intra- and interpersonal level. We stand in solidarity with the BLM movement and all long-silenced members of black and brown communities across the country. Our hearts and minds go out to you. We will not let this again be a passing trend.

Resources to support racial justice

1. BLM - Ways you can help: from BLM organizers, this site has a variety of actual action items set up in a very easily navigated format, allowing you to see big-picture ways of getting involved and providing information, details, and links under each category. A fantastic way to really take small actions aligned with what you are able to provide.

2. Justice in June (and beyond!): a very neatly organized compilation of resources to educate yourself on pervasive systemic racism, giving specific outlines for material to look at based on how much time per day you'd like to spend on it.

3. Heal. Learn. Help: Another fantastic compilation of resources for exactly what it says in title, addressed at the level of MIT, greater Boston area, and national scales (as well as in computing specifically). Resources on healing for black members of our community and education/action resources for everyone.

This list may be short (for now, at least), but there is a lot packed in these links. One step at a time! If you have any suggestions about other resources that you've found useful, please feel free to reach out to kolydic@mit.edu with your ideas.