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Developing a strong understanding of people, their interactions, and how technology works in their daily routines is critical to developing new concepts that fit into in everyday life. I focus on creating concepts that enhance communication and build stronger inter-personal relationships. I believe that not only is good design based on understanding current practices and needs, but that it is also the product of extremely rapid iteration and evaluation in everyday life.

My work fits mostly in the domains of HCI/Ubiquitous Computing/Multimedia and draws on methods from Interaction/Service Design, Anthropology, Computer Science, Media Studies, Business, Urban Studies, and others. The projects below are examples from my past ten years at Motorola Labs/Motorola Mobility Applied Research and previous work from MIT.

Much of this work and my general approach to mobile experience research can be found in my book from MIT Press, Building Mobile Experiences and the updated book Mobile User Research: A Practical Guide.

Generative Research Concept Development Product
Email Changing role of personal email,
Coupons and Deals
CardMail Yahoo Mail 6, Inbox Commerce
Inter-generational Communication Elder Communication Study,
Milgram Maps Revisit
Serendipitous Family Stories StoryPlace.me
Ambient Communications Location Sharing Study,
Work Awareness Study,
Teen Communications Study
Motion Presence,
Music Presence,
Ambient Social TV,
Perceptive Presence Lamp
Contacts 3.0 (MOTOBLUR),
Mobile Content Management Photo Sharing Study,
Music Context Study
Metadata Knob,
Metadata Services,
Media Assistant,
Media Finder,
Video Experiences TuVista Phase I,
Social TV
Yahoo Watch Together
Mobile Health and Wellness Health Mashups
Temperature Sensing Glove