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BPEC In the News

MIT gets $25 million from Dupont for `liver in a dish' and other projects to take Dupont's partnership with MIT through 2010. Boston Herald, June 3, 2005

Professor Bob Langer has been named an institute professor. See The Tech March 2, 2005

Biological Engineering to be 1st Field Created by MIT in 29 Years February 16, 2005

George Daley Receives the 2004 Pioneer Award from NIH, September 29, 2004

Linda Griffith is part of the story "Build a Liver" from ScienCentral News, June 24, 2004

Technology jump-starts human embryonic stem cell work, June 15, 2004

Professor Langer discusses drug delivery advances at AMA briefing March 4, 2004

Stem Cell Research Debate Reignited WBUR Jan 29th, 2004
(hear audio stream with George Daley and Willy Lensch)

Double honor for Langer TechTalk Dec 2th, 2003

Adult stem cells made to multiply at will TechTalk Nov 20th, 2003

Stemcells grown into tissues Boston Globe October 8th, 2003

Griffith directs BPEC TechTalk Oct 8th, 2003

The smartest man in Boston Boston Globe Magazine cover profile of Robert Langer May 25th, 2003

Embryos aren’t essential to stem-cell research James Sherley corresponds in Nature May 22nd, 2003

BPEC Director Doug Lauffenburger in C&EN's coverstory on Systems Biology C&EN May 19th, 2003

MIT senior lands journal story, trip to DC TechTalk May 8th, 2003

George Daley and Willy Lensch testify before Massachusetts senate May 7th, 2003
Read full text of Willy's testimony (PDF)

MIT whiz kid maintains perfect GPA with double major Mass High Tech April 12th, 2003

The Liver Chip Technology Review March 2003

Tissue engineering: The beat goes on Nature Februray 27th 2003

Molecular biology: A fix for RNA Nature Februray 20th 2003

A questioning mind: Shuguang Zhang Nature Feburary 6th 2003

Researchers find elusive adult stem cells MIT TechTalk December 4th, 2002

Speakers clarify science of cloning, stem cells MIT News, Oct. 24th, 2002

POPSCI'S BRILLIANT 10 - Linda Griffith: Scaffolding a human ear & other weird feats of bioengineering.

Scientists complain that stem cell rules hamper research Boston.com, By Randolph E. Schmid, Associated Press, 09/25/2002