Hurricane Mitch Relief Efforts at MIT

As you probably know by now, much of Central America was seriously destroyed by Hurricane Mitch. In Honduras alone, 10,000 people lost their lives, 12,000 are missing, 70% of the crops are just gone, along with 60% of the potable water supply, and up to one million people lost their homes. The death toll in Nicaragua was preliminary set on the order of 3,000, but reports of more casualties come in every day. Thousands of people lost their lives, their homes and their belongings to the numerous mud-slides and floods. An entire town got buried in Nicaragua as the wall of a nearby volcano collapsed...

Needless to say, there are hundreds of thousands of people who need help, our help now. Together, the Central American Club, the Club Latino and SEEDS for Latin America is organizing a drive. We strongly urge you to please help us bring some hope and relief to all these families in Central America. We are recollecting medical supplies, non-perishable food and clothes. However, we recommend that your donation be in terms of money, as it is getting increasingly harder to ship goods to Central America.

We are privileged to have a roof to shelter us and food to calm our hunger. Let's not forget about our brothers and sisters in Central America who in this very moment are struggling to survive. A little contribution from each one of us will make a difference to those in need!


We managed to collect over 10 truckloads of food and clothes and $2290!!!!

Hurricane Mitch Drive
Collection of Food, clothes, and money in dorms and student center at MIT.
MIT Stratton Student Center (1st floor)
84 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

It will start on monday November 9 until friday November 20. It will run everyday from 9am - 5pm. This is to accept donations from both MIT and the Boston community.

contact: or


Right now these are the dorms that have bins: ** Now there are change boxes in The Coop and Laverde's

Money Donations

                           American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
                           P.O.Box 37243
                           Washington, DC 20013                            c/o Honduras Relief Fund/Mitch
                           BankBoston 3
                           Center Plaza Boston, MA 02108

Donation of Items

Small donations can add up to relieve the suffering of thousands of people. Right now, canned food that doesn't need cooking, medicine and drinking water are priorities.
Food & Water
Baby food, formula
Milk - powdered or canned
Drinking water
Canned Food
Corn Flour (Masa Harina)
Vegetable oil
Medical/Health supplies
antipyretics (to lower fever)
Pain relievers: aspirin, etc.
Cotton balls, pads
Distilled water
Disinfectants: alcohol, ointments
Bandages, gauze
Skin treatments: antibacterial & anti-fungus
ointments, powders, lotions, creams
Disinfectants: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide
Disposal syringes
Rehydration salts

Remember that winter clothing is needed in very few areas

Clothing for adults & children
Disposable diapers
Protective gear such as heavy gloves, rubber boots,
face masks, goggles, etc.
Flashlights, lanterns with batteries
Tarps, tents, plastic sheeting
Cots & folding beds
Cooking utensils & dishes (metal or plastic)
Can Openers!!
Portable (gas) stoves, grills
Blankets, sheets, sleeping bags
Chlorine bleach
Mosquito Repellent

Other Fund-Raiser Activities

Also if you have any ideas for fund-raising activities in which you and/or your organization will like to participate, please contact me at

Clothing and food may also be dropped off at:

On-line Information:

There's also a good information clearinghouse at
Efforts to help victims of Hurricane Mitch at


David Goldstein-Ramirez is trying to help organize things in the Boston area. If you don't have email, he can get in touch with people who only have email addresses and get their phone numbers.
617/625-5325 home
617/901-5025 work/cell
617/451-8625 fax
Ignacio Ochoa (617/989-3030) is leading the Comité Emergencia Centroamericano in Boston, who are organizing for Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

To offer medical cooperation with the Hospitals, Maria Lopez:

Working with other Student communities in other areas, Oscar Flores:

Organizing at Harvard: Anna Oliva at or 617/495-0388