Cellular Automata Tea Cozy

Here's my second try at a cellular automata tea cozy; this one was commissioned. It fits a 1L (six cup) tea pot.

The way I cut it open (the 'steek') was a little clumsy and didn't sit perfectly, and it turned out that the recipient doesn't mind the handle of the teapot getting hot, so I made him another that's a little larger, and doesn't have the holes. (I think the target tea pot is both taller and skinnier than mine.)

The choice of rule 110 was fortuitous. The previous one had been rule 30, and that was something of a chore to work out. I got good enough at rule 110 to be able to knit it while chasing a toddler around a playground. I think the difference between the states having a 5/3 or a 4/4 color split is crucial; in this case, I memorized the three white states, and then everything else was blue.