Group Highlights

  • Synthesis of Molnupiravir (MK-4482/EIDD-2801), a SARS-CoV2 inhibitor, from Cytidine

    We are excited to share the results of a recent collaboration with the Medicines for All Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University! Read about it in Synlett and ACS Omega.

  • Departure of Group Members Aria Fodness and Dr. Wai-Chung Fu

    Undergraduate Researcher and MIT student Aria Fodness has graduated from MIT and will begin graduate studies in Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Congratulations, Aria! Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Wai-Chung Fu has accepted a position as Research Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, China. Best of luck, Dr. Fu!.

  • Dr. Preston MacQueen departs the group for a new role at MilliporeSigma

    We are thrilled to congratulate Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Preston MacQueen on his new position at MilliporeSigma in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Preston will join the R&D team as a Scientist in Process Chemistry.

  • Dr. Rachel Beingessner departs the group for a new role at MIT

    After 5 years in the Jamison Group as a Research Scientist, Rachel Beingessner will take on a new role at MIT starting July 1st as Director of Special Projects in the Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity.

  • A statement from Tim Jamison in response to the recent Angew. Chemie opinion piece

    My reactions to the opinions expressed in the recent Angewandte Chemie article by Hudlický created something of a stew. Shock, dismay, anger, bewilderment, outrage, dejection, and fear in a ratio that was neither appetizing nor nutritious. Like many I also questioned the fidelity of the review process. I wondered whether there indeed had been one, wrestling with what would have been worse – that it had not been reviewed prior to publication, or that it had been and accepted thereafter. Did they ask themselves, “Should we publish this?” I wrote to the editor-in-chief, Neville Compton, expressing the above sentiments. I also urged him, his staff, and their publisher to embark on a journey of organizational atonement and self-examination.

    Prior to the above actions my immediate thoughts centered instinctively and reflexively on the students and postdocs of my research group, current and former. “How must they feel? What support can I provide?” Since the appearance of the opinion piece we have had several rich discussions and decided to write public statements. Theirs, which may also be found on our website, inspires me. The privilege, responsibility, gratitude, and, to be sure, great pride that I feel to be their mentor comes in many forms – their trust in me and in each other, their intellectual growth, their discoveries, their ingenuity, their perseverance, their generosity, and most certainly their values. You may also find on our website our statement of shared values, which we developed together, as a group. I encourage all groups, all organizations, and all individuals to develop their own statements, to live them daily, to integrate them into all pursuits – and to turn to them for guidance in times of uncertainty and crisis.

    It is important that I comment specifically on the repugnant recommendation that students and postdocs should “submit to their masters.” Autocracy is not a model for success in research, is not the same as leadership, and is the functional and philosophical opposite of mentorship. Furthermore, to believe that oppression benefits our field – or anything for that matter – is abhorrent to me, and the notion that diversity is deleterious to organic chemistry, to science, to our nation, to humanity is founded in ignorance, bigotry, and racism. A wise friend once said to me, “Diverse groups, led inclusively, achieve better outcomes.” That cogent perspective has been my experience, continues to be one of my own values, provides me with spiritual nourishment, and, like my group, gives me hope.

  • A statement from the Jamison Group in response to the recent Angew. Chemie opinion piece

    The Jamison group condemns the ideas expressed in the recent Angewandte Chemie opinion article by Hudlický. This paper contains many falsehoods and harmful ideas, including that workforce diversity has a “negative influence” on chemistry, that students must “submit to [their] mentor” as their “master,” and that the “publication practices in China” devalue the contributions of Chinese scholars as compared to Western scholars. Unfortunately, the beliefs outlined in the paper are not shocking or new in the chemistry community; they are an entrenched part of the culture of organic chemistry that we must actively work to dismantle. In 2019, we developed a group values statement and in response to this article, felt compelled to publicize this statement. This statement is reflective of what we believe as a group and what we believe is necessary to cultivate inclusivity, intellectual freedom, and the advancement of chemistry

  • New Jamison Group Research in OPRD and Organic Letters

    We are excited to share the results of a recent collaboration with Snapdragon Chemistry and Compect Membrane Systems. Read about it in OPRD. Additionally, we report a total synthesis of the alkaloid (±)-Sceptrin by an intermolecular photochemical [2+2] dimerization. Read about it in Organic Letters.

  • Dr. Tim Monos Takes on a New Role as Senior Automation and Data Research Scientist

    Jamison Group Post-doc Tim Monos has left MIT to start a new role as a Senior Automation and Data Research Scientist with MilliporeSigma in Burlington, MA. Best wishes, Tim!

  • Catalytic Generation and Use of Ketyl Radical from Unactivated Aliphatic Carbonyl Compounds

    We are excited to highlight the work of Dr. Hyowon Seo, former graduate student in the Jamison Group, for her recent work published in Organic Letters.

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  • Monolithic Silica Support for Immobilized Catalysis in Continuous Flow

    Join us in congratulating Dr. M. Grace Russell and colleagues on the publication of a new alternative to traditional packed-bed reactors used in continuous flow synthesis.

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  • Diazotization of S-Sulfonyl-cysteines

    Our recent work on the diazotization of cysteine derivatives authored by graduate student Sarah Jane Mear was featured in the Journal of Organic Chemistry's Top 20 Most Read! Follow the link below to check it out.

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  • Continuous Flow Synthesis of ACE Inhibitors

    Take a look at our latest work authored by graduate student Christopher Breen in Chemistry - A European Journal. This work highlights a general method for amide bond formation in continuous flow, demonstrated by the synthesis of 8 ACE inhibitors.

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  • Dr. Long Nguyen Joins Enanta Pharmaceuticals

    Post-doctoral researcher Long Nguyen has accepted a position as Scientist in Medicinal Chemistry at Enanta Pharmaceuticals. We are grateful for his contributions to our research program and look forward to seeing all that he will accomplish.

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  • Synthesis of the EFG Framework of Tamulamides A and B

    We are excited to share work published by Dr. Elizabeth Kelley of our group on her synthesis of fused polyciclic ethers found in tamulamides A and B. Read about it in Organic Letters.

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  • Welcome, Jule Dietz!

    We extend a warm welcome to our collaborator Jule Dietz, who joins us as a visiting student from the Opatz lab in Mainz, Germany.

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  • Dr. Hyowon Seo Has Defended Her Thesis and Graduated!

    Please join us in congratulating Hyowon on her successful thesis defense. We wish her success in her post-doctoral research in the Hatton Lab at MIT.

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  • Dr. Mary Grace Russell Has Defended Her Thesis and Graduated!

    Please join us in congratulating Grace on her successful thesis defense. We wish her the best of luck in her future career at Snapdragon Chemistry!

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  • A Robotic Platform for Flow Synthesis of Organic Compounds Informed by AI Planning

    We are delighted to share the results of a recent collaboration for the development of a robotic flow synthesis platform. Read more about it in Science.

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  • Continuous-Flow Synthesis of Imatinib and Analogs

    Take a look in the ASAPs for Dr. Wai-Chung Fu's report on continuous-flow synthesis of imatinib and analogs, published in Organic Letters. Article linked below.

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  • Total Synthesis of Gymnosin B

    We are excited to share Dr. Satapanawat Sittihan's total synthesis of Marine Ladder Polyether Gymnosin B. Read about it in JACS, article linked below.

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  • Dr. Tho Tran Has Defended His Thesis and Graduated!

    Please join us in congratulating Tho Tran on his successful thesis defense. We wish him all the best.

  • Dr. Liam Kelly Has Defended His Thesis and Graduated!

    Please join us in congratulating Liam on his successful thesis defense! We look forward to seeing what he accomplishes as a Post-Doc at a local startup in Boston.

    Liam Kelly

  • Ni-Catalyzed Synthesis of Skipped Polyenes

    We are thrilled to share graduate student Katie McGough and former Post-Doc Allie Strom's work on cross-electrophile couplings recently published in Organic Letters, and the application of these methods to the synthesis of marine ladder polyethers.

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  • Dr. John Stephens Returns to Maynooth University

    Thank you Dr. John Stephens for spending six weeks of your time with us, helping develop new multi-step continuous flow processes!

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  • Dr. Kelley Danahy Has Defended Her Thesis and Graduated!

    Congratulations to Dr. Kelley Danahy on the successful defense of her PhD Thesis. Best wishes on your future career in teaching!

    Kelly Danahy

  • Dr. Jessica Weber Has Defended Her Thesis and Graduated!

    Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Weber on the successful defense of her PhD Thesis. We wish you the best of luck in your Post-Doc at NASA!

    Jessica Weber

  • Continuous Flow Synthesis of Linezolid

    We are excited to share Grace Russell's work on a seven-step continuous flow synthesis of Linezolid, recently published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Great work, Grace!

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  • Dr. Jon Jaworski Departs for Job at BMS

    Congratulations to former Post-Doc Jon Jaworski on his new role at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Connect on LinkedIn by following the link below.

    Jon Jaworski

  • Welcome Dr. Stephens!

    Welcome to visiting professor Dr. John Stephens from Maynooth University in Ireland.

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  • Dr. Justin Lummiss and Dr. Jamie Chen Depart for Jobs in Industry

    We are grateful for Justin and Jamie's contributions to our research program and wish them success in their new jobs. Connect on LinkedIn by following the links below.

    Justin Lummiss Jamie Chen

  • Carbon Dioxide in Continuous Flow

    Graduate student Hyowon Seo and post-doc Dr. Long Nguyen have compiled an invigorating review article highlighting methods for utilizing carbon dioxide as a C-1 building block in continuous flow.

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  • Reconfigurable system for automated optimization of diverse chemical reactions

    Read about our reconfigurable and self-optimizing flow chemistry platform in Science. For a more casual read, take a look at the highlight in C&EN magazine or MIT News.

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  • Bench-Stable Nickel Precatalysts with Heck-type Activation

    Congratulations to Jessica Weber and Dr. Ashley Longstreet on their recent publication in Organometallics featuring a new class of air- and moisture-stable Ni(II) precatalysts.

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  • Xenoprotein Engineering via Synthetic Libraries

    An intradepartmental collaboration with the Pentelute group leads to synthetic libraries of proteins containing non-canonical amino acids.

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  • Continuous-Flow Chemistry in Undergraduate Education

    Congratulations to group members Grace R., Hyowon, and Liam on their contributions to a new continuous-flow education article.

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  • Dr. Laurel Heckman Has Defended her Thesis and Graduated!

    Laurel moves onto Harvard Professor's Clifford Woolf's lab at Boston Children's Hospital. Good luck and congratulations Laurel!

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  • Dr. Alexandra Strom Departs to Smith College

    Allie departs to start her independent career at Smith College. Congratulations Allie!

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  • Bench‐Stable N‐Heterocyclic Carbene Nickel Precatalysts for C−C and C−N Bond‐Forming Reactions.

    Congratulations to Felix, Ashley and Jessica on publishing their work on new nickel precatalysts!

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  • 7‐Step Flow Synthesis of the HIV Integrase Inhibitor Dolutegravir.

    We have developed a complete flow synthesis of dolutegravir in collaboration with Professors Roper and Gupton.

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  • Ni-Catalyzed Electrochemical Decarboxylative C–C Couplings in Batch and Continuous Flow.

    In collaboration with Snapdragon, we have developed an electrochemically driven, nickel-catalyzed reductive coupling of N-hydroxyphthalimide esters with aryl halides.

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  • Advanced Continuous Flow Platform for On-Demand Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

    2nd generation refrigerator-sized continuous flow system for the on-demand production of essential medicines was just published in Chemistry - A European Journal.

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  • Selective N-Monomethylation of Anilines with Dimethyl Carbonate in Continuous Flow.

    Congratulations to Hyowon, Anne-Cat and Rob on their latest work in the development a flow method for the selective mono-methylation of anilines.

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  • Synthesis and Utilization of Nitroalkyne Equivalents in Batch and Continuous Flow.

    Congratulations to Dr. Peter Morse on his latest work in the development a method that utilizes of nitrated vinyl silyltriflate as nitroalkyne equivalents to synthesize highly substituted isoxazolines.

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  • Direct β-Selective Hydrocarboxylation of Styrenes with CO2 Enabled by Continuous Flow Photoredox Catalysis.

    Congratulations to Hyowon Seo and Aofei Liu on their latest work in the direct hydrocarboxylation of styrenes.

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  • Congratulations Ashley!

    Former post-doc Dr. Ashley R. Longstreet starts her independent career at the University of Tampa, Florida!

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  • Millipmore Sigma Bader Award

    Dr. Andy McTeague has won the Millipmore Sigma Bader Award. Congraulations Andy!

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  • Flow-IEG enables programmable thermodynamic properties in sequence-defined unimolecular macromolecules

    Amanda and Frank's work on the 2nd gen. flow-IEG synthesis has come out in Polymer Chemistry.

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